Circle Time Planning 2

Circle Time-3

Time: 50 mins

Circle time -3 (I am unique)

Resources Required

Room set up and resources:

Sitting in a circle

Flower arrangement and aggarbatti in the centre

Talking Stick or ball or any other easily available object


All the children with the facilitator will stand in a circle and the facilitator will introduce the activity.

The facilitator will call out certain categories. Anyone in the name category enters the circle, greet others and change places. Children must try and remember who came in the categories for the further reference.


  • Anyone who had milk in the morning
  • Anyone wearing blue
  • Anyone with the January b’day
  • Anyone who like math
  • Anyone who skates
  • Any two more categories suggested by the children.

Middle Phase

The teacher asks the children with same categories to sit together and discuss the ways they are different. The children will report back the differences. Teacher facilitates the discussion using the following questions:

  1. What sort of things do people have in common?
  2. What are the things that are different in people?

After the discussion the common statement:

In spite of all the difference we all are equal and should treat each other with equality.

Call out a person and ask him to choose his pair. The children will now get into the pairs and discuss the following question:

What makes people think they or others are better than them?

Report back to the whole group

The facilitator asks the question to the children:

What made you think like that?

Why do you think the other one is better than you?

Round: ‘I don’t feel equal when…………’

The teacher gives the talking stick to one of the children and rest of them will follow.

Get the group to summaries the ways in which they feel less than equal.

Open discussion:

The facilitator will initiate the discussion with the opening line “would it help if….”

To see if the class can help one another with strategies for treating all members with respect.


Open to the class- what do you want to celebrate today?

If the children do not come up with any thing then the facilitator can initiate.

Ending Activity:

The children state his or her name and make two positive statements about themselves.

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