Circle Time Planning

Circle time-1

Time: 50 mins

Objective: Wishing Happy New Year and Resolution of the New Year.

Ice Breaker:

2 minutes

All children sit in a circle; they hold the hands of each other. They will pass the good wishes of the New Year very silently. Each of them keep their right palm down and left palm up, so that they receive warmth wishes from one child and passes it to the other. After this they will chant of OM for three times.

During this process, teacher will give instructions to

  1. focus in their breathing
  2. Spread warm and good wishes for everyone.

5 minutes

Children will meet at least three of their friends and greet each other.

“The highest in bows the highest in you. Let it be the happiest year of your life”

“So it is”

Other child will repeat the same thing and vice versa.

Main Forum

2 minutes

After greeting each other the teacher can orient how can be the New Year  be an  important era of our life and how it can be an opportunity for us to leave the past behind and run towards a luminous future. Here is a quotation of The Mother for the New Year. (Only for the teacher)

“Let the birth of the New Year be the new birth of your consciousness! Leaving the past far behind us let us run towards a luminous future.”

                                                                                                                                       -The Mother

2 minutes

After sharing this, teacher will ask students, how they would like to see themselves as growing up through out this year. Children will be given five minutes to visualize. (Teacher can play a soft music on the background)

15 minutes

Children will be given a piece of paper (A4) and stationeries to represent their highest aspiration (How they like to see themselves through out the year) for this year through drawing, poem or story.

20 minutes

Children share this with whole class

10 minutes

A small step towards the aspiration

Teacher will talk the importance of keeping resolution and determination to achieve any thing in our life. How effort, will power and determination help us to achieve whatever we want in our life.

Children will be asked to keep a resolution on this day which is helpful to fulfill their aspiration.

  1. Teacher can ask children to make one resolution for the week for them separately and see how they can bring change in themselves by a conscious will and self determination.
  2. Children can reflect and make a resolution to remove the barriers (weakness) of their own progress or (strength) accelerate their own progress.

Teacher explains how to keep a resolution……………      

They will make resolutions in behavioral terms, for example …….

One child struggles to sit quietly and keeps on talking with others during class hours. It really stands as a barrier in his own life to concentrate during study and the result is incomplete work, not in-depth understanding, no home work. Secondly other children get distracted, sometimes they get attracted to his loose talking or they get irritated.

This child makes a resolution that ….

I will concentrate on my work, sit quietly in the group and listen to the teacher during class hours.

  • Everyday children will be reminded their resolution after the music time in the morning and think how can they improve themselves today. During the closing time before the music a few children can share their insights with the whole class.
  • Reflection at night…

      Children will scan the activities of the day keeping the resolution in their mind.

      They will maintain a small reflection diary and note down their insights while working on their resolution with events.

The insights are….

  1. What acts as a barrier when he/she wants to act according to his/her own resolution
    1. What different kinds of feelings and thoughts come to his/her heart and mind respectively?
    2. If they succeed in keeping their resolution, what helped them?
    3. What did he/she feel after a small success/ conquering a small element in him/her?

 After a 6 day cycle all children will compile their observation, share with the whole class and submit to the class teacher.

Areas where the children may love to work are as follows….

  • Concentration
  • Cooperation in crew work
  • Submitting home work on time.
  • Being always calm and peaceful (not getting angry)
  • Listening patiently to others without reacting
  • Maintain discipline in the class room
  • Helping others
  • Maintaining cleanliness own surroundings
  • Becoming more organized
  • Not using face book

Later on we make a tracking sheet to keep track the resolution of the children, how they are practicing for the same.


4 minutes


Let’s celebrate someone…….

  • Who was most disciplined child during this circle time?
  • The child who has a more practical and doable aspiration.
  • The child who has created a beautiful drawing or written a beautiful poem or story.

The whole activities are applicable for the teachers also, if they wish ……

Resources required Paper and stationeries Urli with flowers in the centre of the circle. Chairs has to be arranged in a circle before children come to the class on 14th of Jan (If we will do circle time in the first two periods of the opening day)   

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